behind the camera

In describing myself I would like to start with a few quotes…  First, “My camera is like my third arm.”  Second,  “My heart is completely with photography.” Lastly,  “Photography is my one true love.”  I start with these quotes which I have seen on the intro sections of other photographers sites to let you know straight away that though I admire these people, that these quotes do not in fact describe me.     
             If I had a third arm it would not be used for a camera; It would be used to hold diapers, sports equipment, or a cheeseburger from my favorite diner.  Also, my heart cannot be given to photography either because well… My family has that.  I could not imagine giving my heart away to something besides my children because they are what make my life full and complete. Without them my heart would be empty.  Yes, it can be said that I do love photography more than almost any other thing, but my one true love is my husband.  He is the romantic in the relationship and the glue to our marriage.  He is the comic, the optimist, and the one who helps me pick out my chick flicks.  I am not always perfect at telling him how much I love him, or that he is my one true love, but he is and always will be.  I hope when he reads this, and when you read this that you all see that my family means the world to me.  I want you to see through my photos who I am as a mother, as a wife, and as a photographer.  I hope that through my pictures you see a progression in me as a person and in my photography, and that I always give you something new as we continue on together.  Really I consider myself to be like so many other mother/photographers out there who are busy with families, but try and squeeze in an extraordinary picture every once in awhile.  Even with the occasional glimpse of the extraordinary, in the end I am still just a regular girl. 
But… I am a regular girl with high hopes; I hope my family grows big and strong, I hope my husband stays just the way he is, and I hope my pictures make you smile.