Monday, February 18, 2013

Riley and Conner: Utah Engagement Photographer

My brother is getting married....and I am lucky enough to be back in the states, back in Utah, back in Provo, just two minutes away from him and his fiance......which means I will be taking some more photos in the near future! Aren't they both ridiculously good looking?!?!?!

Kat and Brian: Grenada Couple Photographer

Kat was a fellow photographer on the island. She is really talented behind the camera, but who knew that she could turn up the heat as a model on the other side. 

Kim and Phil: Grenada Portrait Photographer

So I just created a contest for most ADORABLE couple and this couple right here wins. Hands down. Kim and Phil are the cutest. They were so fun and natural to photograph. It is shoots like this ones that make photography so much fun. I only wish the best for these two!!!